27 August 2011

the good earth

One night in Costa Rica, it was 9 something at night, and it was already dark (sunset at 6 of course), and everyone was in their rooms or wandering around the treehouse. But I went outside and looked over the pool and the beach. And then I looked up and I saw more stars than I even knew existed. You couldn't see anything else except for the stars.
And then I came back here, and the stars were invisible in a sky clouded with lights and such. But tonight, on this perfect clear night, I saw the stars and I stared until my neck hurt.
Unfortunately half of the east coast is being flooded and wrecked by the hurricane, but somehow we are not even affected. I could still be in Massachusetts, waiting for the wrath of the ocean to come flooding into my house. But somehow I'm here. And it makes me wonder, what if all of this wasn't here tomorrow? What if a storm took it all away? We don't usually appreciate things that we see everyday, but what if we didn't see them everyday? What if we didn't have beautiful trees or flowers to look at? Or animals and people? We could face a lot worse than what we have - and we can't always be sure that it will be here forever. Nothing is ever certain, so enjoy it while yo have it. Life's short, so cherish every time you swim in the ocean, lie beneath the warm rays of the sun, catch fireflies, or gaze at a sky full of stars.

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